The Story Of My Purchase, Repair And Enjoyment Of A 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Beautiful 65 Degree Saturday Morning And A Sh*t Ton Of Cool Cars...What Could Be More Appealing? We Took The Spyder To It's First "Car Show" This Morning At The St. Louis Cars And Coffee Event.

Now THIS is my kind of car meet!  A myriad of car styles, ages and levels of modification...much like the owners themselves.  Like Ferraris? They were there.  Hot rods?  Yup, in attendance.  Vintage tin?  There was a Trabant there, 'nuf said.  Wanna see a video I shot of some of the cars?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It's Been A Whole Month Since I Last Posted And I Haven't Had Much To Show...But I Have Been Buying Up Some Cheap Go Fast Goodies. Today I Picked Up All The Hardware Store Stuff To Build A Boost Controller. Status: Not Yet Installed.

So here's most of the kit to build a simple manual boost controller for your turbocharged car.  The only thing missing is the thread tap that I had to buy in order to install the control knob...but that's a little like saying that I'm missing the hack saw and wrenches I used to build it, right?

Monday, January 11, 2016

So Winter Happened. Haven't Done Much To The Sneaker, But We Did Go On A Road Trip! On Our Way Home We Dropped By The Tail Of The Dragon. Ever Been?

I didn't have the Eclipse Spyder ready for the trip so we took the Girlfriend's '13 GTI. It's the car that inspired me to get the GST and they have similar performance levels...and I wouldn't have had the top down anyway. Maybe we'll go again this coming Spring. I've been itching to go white water rafting and stay in the Wigwam Motel we'll see!