The Story Of My Purchase, Repair And Enjoyment Of A 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST

Friday, November 6, 2015

So Rain. October Was An Unusually Dry Month, But We Finally Got A Lil Drizzle And I Found That The Top On The Spyder Ain't So Much Waterproof.

Not really a surprise since the top is seriously faded.  A new top would be fantastic...but that ain't least not right away.

At least I had some prior warning. I took the Spyder to the car wash a few weeks ago, sprayed it off and found some dribbles on the passenger seat.  The a few days later we had a light rain (of course!) and the little dribbles were a bit more serious.  Then last night we had a "for real" rain and when I got home I found the interior as shiwn above.  Like I said, I had some warning so I had placed rubber floor mats on the passenger seat.  I didn't know the top would fail universally!  Can you mske out the half inch deep puddle in the drivers seat?  The leather seems to be taking it in stride, almost like Mitsubishi somehow knew this would eventually happen!

It's a good thing the Spyder isn't my only car.  I'm mulling over my options for fixing this little issue. I know I can spray the canvas with a Scotchguard like project but the top is also pretty faded and (of course) I would need to dye it BEFORE sealing it if I wanted the color to stick.  Finding the right kind of dye locally is the hard part though.  Rit dye will work, but how long will it last?  Protex seems to be THE product to use, but I'll have to order it and wait on shipping.  Arggg...I hate being of the instant gratification generation!  Tune in again to see where this goes.

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