The Story Of My Purchase, Repair And Enjoyment Of A 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Realizing That I Haven't Even Shown The Eclipse Spyder With The Top Retracted, I Thought It Might Be High Time To Shoot A Couple Quick Pics And Show Her Topless! Not The Best Staged Photos, But You Get The Idea.

The reflection of our maple tree in the front yard looks amazing on the hood of The Sneaker (the Spyder's nick name - 'cuz it's comfortable like a well worn sneaker, and with the top down it kinda looks like a shoe...right?!), but that paint job ain't that great.  It's a ten footer...looks fine from ten feet away.

With the Spyder in the driveway it's hard to compose a great shot, but we were on our way out to dinner and I had the phone handy and the top was already down (drying out the interior - see previous post).  I'll get better pics eventually, but The Sneaker isn't really a beauty queen.  It's what a couple-a-grand gets you on craigslist.  The GOOD thing about a so-so paint job and dings-n-dents is that I don't have to treat this black car like it's precious.  If the body was pristine and the paint was immaculate I'd be afraid to park it anywhere for fear of door dings.  I'm already a little crazy that way with Frank (the Focus wagon you see parked just in front of The Sneaker).

Here's the real exterior issues with the Spyder: a bumped front drivers side fender and bumper cover and the oddly faded convertible top.  I'm surprised how hard it is to see the BIG dent in that front fender.  With shiny black paint you usually see every little bump and ding.  The top MUST be dealt with soon.  Since it leaks through the canvas I will need to seal it up with some Scotchguard...but if I do that then I won't be able to dye I have to dye it first and hope that it takes, but ugh...what a pain in the butt that's gonna be!  Anywayz, now you know what the Spyder looks like with the top down!

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