The Story Of My Purchase, Repair And Enjoyment Of A 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST

Friday, October 30, 2015

Things To Do. Fix That God Awful Screetch. The Top Makes A Blood Curtling Noise About 75% Of The Time. Quite Embarrasing!

When I purchased the car, there were a couple of issues that I found and was able to capitalize upon in the negotiation process.  One of these was this fearsome noise that the top made when I put it up (after the seller had put it down for us just before our test drive).  It was hard for the seller to argue against a modest price adjustment.  Click through to see a video and hear what I'm talking about.

Oh lord.  That's just nasty sounding.  I've done a little digging around and I think it might be the electric motors that power the roof.  There's lots of talk on the Diamond Star Motors (DSM) message boards about the shear pin breaking on the drive gear and if that is broke I could see perhaps the motor spinning on the gear making that noise.  We'll have to do some investigating to be sure.  One thing IS for sure; that noise will not stand.  Every time I get to work I have to look around and wait in the parking lot until everyone is out of earshot before putting my top up!

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