The Story Of My Purchase, Repair And Enjoyment Of A 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Here We Go! October 2015, I've Purchased My First Convertible As Well As My First Turbocharged Car. Let The Fun Begin!

The short story is; I've been wanting a quick convertible for years.  I've finally got one.  Click through for the longer version.
So I've finally got a convertible and yet have no photos of it with the top down.  The irony is that I've driven it almost exclusively with the top down since I brought it home!  Here's the long story; about ten years ago I picked up a cheap cheap cheap second hand 1990 Miata with a bad automatic transmission.  I figured it would be easy to swap out the slush box for a manual and I'd have a fun car for the summer.

That all went pretty easy.  I got a transmission, flywheel, and the clutch pedal works from the junkyard and a new clutch from the parts store.  I got everything working and just needed to button the bits up...but I made one serious and in the end fatal mistake.  I trusted the seller when she told me that she "had" the title but just wasn't sure where it was and would call me when she found it.  I bought the car sans title in hand, trusting that she'd follow through...but she never did.  I did a little research on getting a new title for it but I suck at paperwork and before I could get that business straightened out, the city towed the car off my property while I was on vacation.  Party over.  Fast forward some ten years later, and after loosing interest in sports cars there for a while...I'm back in the saddle with the happy purchase of a low mile (117K) Eclipse Spyder turbo.  It's not a perfect, pristine example...but it looks good and feels strong.  Jump in and come along for a ride.  Hopefully you'll find it as much fun to read about as I will have messing with!

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